Without your knowledge there are many people at companies clicking through your website anonymously.

In fact only 2% of people who click through any website identify themselves.

As a result you are missing countless opportunities to follow up with the other 98% of the people clicking through your site.  Visit Intel takes that mystery away by sending automatic Site Alert Emails to the right people in your organization for their action.


When someone from a company Visits your website…Visit Intel will proactively generate Automatic Site Alert Activity Emails that get routed to the correct person within your organization for their action.   Visit Intel will warm up leads from new prospects and help you better support and up-sell your existing customers by understanding what content on your website is of interest based on the information available via the Visit Intel Site Alerts.  Without Visit Intel you are in the dark to all of the opportunities you can glean from your website.


In addition to the proactive Site Alerts, that are automatically emailed to you when someone clicks through your website, you will have access to your own Nurture Portal to understand macro visiting trends.

There is also a Custom URL Shortener within "Visit Intel" used to understand who is clicking on posted URL's (like bit.ly). Once you generate the shortened URL, it will have "Visit Intel" Tracking already embedded in it.  Great tool for Press Releases, Social Media posts, and more ...