Another way Visit Intel is Helping our Customers.

In a previous post I outlined the many ways Visit Intel is being used by companies in various industries.

Initially our prospects usually tend to look at Visit Intel from a pure sales leads perspective but come to realize Visit Intel can be beneficial in other ways.

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Yesterday I learned of another way Visit Intel is being leveraged by our customers that I found very interesting.

This particular company that is using Visit Intel is a well-established web development and digital marketing firm.  Here is how they use Visit Intel…

When they receive a Visit Intel Site Alert from a Company that could be a major account and win for them or if that alert contains a company that they have been heavily pursuing …they call an impromptu company meeting and use the Visit Intel Site Alert as morale booster.

The employees get pumped up when they see the fruits of their labor.  They pursue companies via various marketing and sales strategies so to see the results and proof that their marketing and sales efforts are working…they are incented to keep at it.

This customer of ours loved Visit Intel so much they decided to “White Label” the tool and resell it to their customers.

When our resellers “White Label” Visit Intel…they are able to brand the application the way they want with their logo, colors etc.  The idea is that a White Labeled version of Visit Intel should look like their own branded offering and compliment the other products and services they provide their clients.

A white labeled version of Visit Intel also gives our resellers the ability to gain a “top of mind presence” with their customers.  As the Visit Intel notifications get emailed throughout the day…their customers see their logo and branding rather than the usual Visit Intel logo, colors etc.

For more information on White Labeling please visit our website…

Just another interesting way Visit Intel can be used for your business.

Tell us how you are using Visit Intel in the comments section.

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