Why should you know the Company Names clicking through your website

You spend countless money, resources and time curating your website so it has all it needs to …

– attract and educate new customers and/or partners


– retain, upsell, educate and support existing customers and/or partners.

Your business could be in any stage ranging from…

  • Mature , established and on cruise control
  • Cutting edge and in the growth mode
  • Pivoting to incorporate new products and services

No matter your business or the stage it is in…understanding the Company Names and behavior of your website visitors just makes good old fashioned sense.

Why?  For starters…because you CAN.

If that answer is not good enough… then I would say… because understanding the COMPANY Names of your visitors, how they found your website and what their specific interests while on your site were helps your business by…

  • Shortening sales cycles with new prospects helps you understand their specific needs and interests early on in the sales process (sometimes before they even make direct contact with you) based on their activity on your site.
  • Understanding which marketing and ad strategies are producing the best results
  • Helping you understand the needs of your existing customers and prospects so you can provide proactive service…rather than be reactive and wait for them to reach out to you.

I don’t know…to me and thankfully a growing number of businesses …. the need for a tool like “Visit Intel” seems too obvious. Why wouldn’t you want it?

Just so you are aware…your competitors are using these types of tools RIGHT NOW and soon you will have no choice but to follow suit.   Does your business have too much sales?  If so…you do not need “Visit Intel”.  Stop Reading and Good for you!

For the rest of you…consider some facts about “Visit Intel”…

Deployment –- Takes minutes!  Many of our prospect close deals during the trial phase.

How to Deploy Visit Intel –  https://visitintel.us/how-do-i-put-visit-intel-on-my-website/


GDPR – COMPLIANT.   Here is our statement on GDPR – https://visitintel.us/how-do-i-put-visit-intel-on-my-website/

Our Customers LOVE “Visit Intel”… https://visitintel.us/testimonials/

Value Proposition – Aside from the Website Visitor Activity reports that include COMPANY NAMES and the Nurture Reporting Portal you will have access to….there are two important things that set “Visit Intel” apart from our competition…

  • Thing 1 – SHORT URLshttps://visitintel.us/vzit-co/ Using our short url generator for your posted URL Links on social media and/or emails helps you understand the ENTIRE JOURNEY of your website visitor.  You will know…
  1. If someone clicked on your posted url
  2. The referral site from where that person found that link…ie. FB, Twitter, Linkedin and email

So…sign up now and get your URL and Website Visitor Intelligence delivered.

“We are NOT getting useful “Visit Intel” Website Activity Reports

“Nice product but Visit Intel is not for us.  We are not getting any meaningful reports” said a prospect who is evaluating Visit Intel.

Before I address that statement …. let’s review what Visit Intel is and does.

Visit Intel is a B2B website visitor intelligence tool that generates automatic Website Activity Reports that get emailed to you when someone from a company clicks on your website.  https://visitintel.us/

Visit Intel reports on the Company Name of the person who clicked on your site, how they found your site and what their specific interests were while there.

The ways your website visitors find your website depend on many variables.  These variables are mostly determined by the various marketing strategies, techniques and initiatives in place at your company.

People find your website by….

  • Typing in keywords in a search from Google , Bing etc
  • Sent Emails containing URLs either in the body of the email and/or signature block
  • Typing in your website address organically
  • Social media postings that drive traffic to your site
  • Press Releases and other Articles/Blogs/Landing Pages
  • Digital Advertisements, Google Adword Campaigns etc.

Countless money and time is spent on these types of strategies to drive people to websites.

Visit Intel simply reports on ALL visitors who click on your website.  It is NOT a tool that drives traffic…rather we report on the site visit activity.  It is a tool that should be a barometer as to how your marketing and advertising initiatives are working…..or not.

So by saying Visit Intel is not helpful because you are not getting good reports ….. to me that means Visit Intel is actually giving you very useful information.

Visit Intel is telling you that your marketing strategies need to be modified in order to get your desired website traffic results.

We also hear from companies that the website is not that important to businesses in this modern age.  My question is…companies spend countless hours and money developing their website and the content on it, spend countless time and money on the marketing strategies to drive people to their websites…if all of that is true…why wouldn’t you want to know the company names of your visitors, how they found your site and what they did while they were there?

IF you do NOT want to know website visitor information ….why have a website at all?

Here is a link to a Visit Intel demonstration YouTube video …. https://vzit.co/vtl–4

Another way Visit Intel is Helping our Customers.

In a previous post I outlined the many ways Visit Intel is being used by companies in various industries.

Initially our prospects usually tend to look at Visit Intel from a pure sales leads perspective but come to realize Visit Intel can be beneficial in other ways.

To view the post about 7 Companies from 7 different industries and how they benefit from Visit Intel in 7 different ways click…..Here

Yesterday I learned of another way Visit Intel is being leveraged by our customers that I found very interesting.

This particular company that is using Visit Intel is a well-established web development and digital marketing firm.  Here is how they use Visit Intel…

When they receive a Visit Intel Site Alert from a Company that could be a major account and win for them or if that alert contains a company that they have been heavily pursuing …they call an impromptu company meeting and use the Visit Intel Site Alert as morale booster.

The employees get pumped up when they see the fruits of their labor.  They pursue companies via various marketing and sales strategies so to see the results and proof that their marketing and sales efforts are working…they are incented to keep at it.

This customer of ours loved Visit Intel so much they decided to “White Label” the tool and resell it to their customers.

When our resellers “White Label” Visit Intel…they are able to brand the application the way they want with their logo, colors etc.  The idea is that a White Labeled version of Visit Intel should look like their own branded offering and compliment the other products and services they provide their clients.

A white labeled version of Visit Intel also gives our resellers the ability to gain a “top of mind presence” with their customers.  As the Visit Intel notifications get emailed throughout the day…their customers see their logo and branding rather than the usual Visit Intel logo, colors etc.

For more information on White Labeling please visit our website… https://visitintel.us/partnering/

Just another interesting way Visit Intel can be used for your business.

Tell us how you are using Visit Intel in the comments section.

7 different companies from 7 different industries benefit from Visit Intel 7 different ways

Many think Visit Intel is a tool that just generates new leads and although that is one way to benefit from the tool…we are finding many other applicable uses outside of just pure sales leads from brand new prospects.

Below are 7 unique stories describing surprise benefits we have heard from current Visit Intel customers who ALL  happen to be from different industries.

  1. Short URLs – A Marketing Company posts many articles via URL links to social media ie Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc Although Visit Intel will alert you when one of those URLs were clicked…the Visit Intel report did NOT always tell you the company name that person was from.  The company started using the Visit Intel SHORT URL generator on all of their posted url links.   Now when they receive a Visit Intel site alert they can see the Company name and the referrer ie Facebook, Twitter, Linked etc.  They now know the performance of their posts and can understand which social media sites get the most clicks and from which companies.
  2. Untargeted ProspectsA Cyber Security Company thought they had a great target list to go after. They send emails through their ESP a few times a month.   They were skeptical as to whether Visit Intel would add any value to their current process.  Once they deployed Visit Intel, they were astounded as to how many website visitors they had that were NOT on their target list.  This information allowed them to widen their net.  They were now going after companies who normally they would not be going after as a result of the Visit Intel visitor intelligence they were receiving.
  3. Existing Customers – An enterprise CRM Software Company that uses Visit Intel was able to understand and support the needs of their existing customers better based on the content of the Visit Intel reports. They were able to understand by the Visit Intel visitor intelligence what other services were of interest based on the pages and content that was of specific interest.  The software company was able upsell based on that information.
  4. Targeted Prospects – An Art Gallery that uses Visit Intel is marketing itself to other businesses as they would like to place art in Lobbies, offices etc. The Gallery has a targeted list that they send monthly emails to letting them know what Prints and Paintings are available. Because of Visit Intel the gallery is able to see what artists are most popular as well as what specific paintings are of interest to those companies based on the visitor Intelligence they get from Visit Intel.
  5. Winning Deals when you think you are out of the running – An Executive Search Firm was bidding on a major project to staff an entire marketing and sales team for a Pharmaceutical Company that was launching a new drug. The firm thought they were out of the running. They started seeing Visit Intel alerts come in from that Pharma Company and realized they were still in the running.  The Visit Intel reports was showing them exactly what the Pharma Company were interested in.  As a result the Executive Search firm emailed the Pharma Co information that reinforced exactly what they were interested in.  Without the Visit Intel reports they would have lost the deal.  They thought they were out of the running but the Visit Intel reports showed they still had a chance and they ultimately won the business.
  6. Discovering OLD URL links on the internet that were forgotten – An Online Lead Generation Company uses various links on websites to get people to “opt in” to all sorts of things from products, services, meals, news etc.  They deployed Visit Intel and started getting reports and saw that people were clicking on old forgotten URL links still out there on the web.  These links could cause confusion and could tarnish their brand.  With the help of Visit Intel, they were able to identify old URL links that lead to nowhere and have them removed.
  7. Bidding Early on Projects – A Construction Company that is using Visit Intel found that because of the Visit Intel Site Alerts that are automatically emailed to their sales reps,   they were able to contact the visiting company and bid on construction projects earlier than normal.  Typically they have to wait to be contacted by companies with construction needs.  Now based on the pages viewed in Visit Intel Alerts, this construction company beats out competition because of the early leads Visit Intel provides them.


Visit Intel needs to be part of your Account Based Marketing (ABM) Strategy

“I do not need Visit Intel.  We receive leads from our Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns.

Frankly…by the time a prospect gets to our website….it is already too late.  We need to reach our leads/prospects way before they land on our website.

Visit Intel would NOT really help us “said one of my prospects who I was talking to about our website visitor intelligence tool.

She gave me some valid points but I believe her reasoning above is somewhat flawed.

We believe there is a place for BOTH ABM and Visit Intel.

 Before we move on….Let’s review what both ABM and Visit Intel are…

Account Based Marketing (ABM) –  ABM  is a B2B strategy that concentrates sales and marketing resources on a clearly defined set of target accounts within a market and employs personalized campaigns designed to resonate with each account.

So organizations who are trying to generate leads will hire advertising companies to create campaigns, banner ads etc. that are targeted to a predefined list of people with specific titles from specific companies.

This is an extremely effective way to get your message across to the right people from the companies in your target market.

Visit Intel is a B2B website visitor intelligence tool that generates proactive automated Site Alert emails that alert you when someone lands on and clicks through your website.

With every business that visits and clicks through your website, “Visit Intel” has the ability to show you:

– Their company name, and location,

– Which exact web pages they viewed,

– How long they spent on each page

– How they found your website

– Which referrer, social media sites, email campaigns and keywords were used to find your website

– And much more

So although the prospect I was speaking with in the beginning of this post was correct in what she said about ABM she is missing a major part of the story.

ABM (in theory) should drive the right people you want to sell to ….to your website.

Visit Intel tells you who is actually visiting your website.  Are the people clicking through your site the ones you targeted in your ABM campaigns?   How would you know without Visit Intel?

Think about it….You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your website, and on the marketing strategies intended to drive people to your website, but if most people are leaving empty-handed without you knowing they were there in the first place, then what’s the point of it all?

Visit Intel will give you all of that insight into whether or not your ABM advertising campaigns are actually working…..or not.

Also…Visit Intel is NOT only used just for Prospecting.

 Wouldn’t you like to know if your competitors are clicking through your website?

How about your existing customers?     They may click around your site showing interest in something you would have never thought to talk to them about.  Could there be up-selling opportunities?  Of course there could.  Your customers are always your best prospects.

Also you can judge how serious a prospect‘s interest is in what you are selling if that prospect returns to your website as they get closer to moving forward with a purchase.

We cannot dispute that ABM is an extremely powerful tool and there is certainly a major place for it in terms of generating leads.

However we can also say there is a complimentary place for a tool like Visit Intel as it gives you the REAL information as to who is actually clicking through your website.

Want to try Visit Intel free….GET STARTED   HERE

Visit Intel – Your biggest B2B no Brainer for 2018

Your company has great products and services and your marketing team is tasked to let your target market know all about what you have to offer.

You want people to know about how your products and services will help them make more money and/or make their job/lives easier today than it was yesterday just by working with you.

So you decide to build a website to tell your story. You want your website to be actionable and easy for people to contact you for more information or even better…make a purchase.

Now that you have your website you need people to be aware your company exists and are able to find your site.

You implement marketing strategies that have a multi-pronged approach that in theory will drive people from many different mediums to your website.

You develop ….

–         Press Releases

–         Blog posts

–         Promotional landing pages

–         Posts on Social Media sites

–         Email Marketing

You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your website and on those marketing strategies intended to drive people to your website,

The good news is….your website is getting many visitors.

But if most of the people who land on your website …

–         Are there anonymously never identifying themselves to you

–         Leave empty-handed

–         Leave without you having any knowledge they were even there in the first place

If all the above is true which statistically speaking happens to ALL websites 98% of the time…..then what’s the point of it all?

There you have it. That is what “Visit Intel” does for you for $59 per month.


Here is how it works….

When someone lands on your website…“Visit Intel” generates automatic site alerts and sends them to you via email. The site alert reports tell you…

–         Which companies clicked on your website

–         How visitors got there. i.e.….keywords, social media post, Press Release, Signature Block Email Campaigns. Etc.

–         What they were specifically interested in while on your site

–         Which Marketing strategies are working best

Additionally “Visit Intel” users have access to other features like…

–         Macro Reporting Portal to see the various macro visitor trends as they pertain to your website.

–         Branded URL Shortener (like bit.ly) –  Visit Intel comes with your own branded URL Shortener to further enhance our ability to uncover the companies your website visitors are from. Great for social media postings and any landing pages.

I encourage any small to medium sized company that has a website and that sells products and/or services to other companies to try Visit Intel.

You will uncover…

–         new prospects that were not on your target list

–         behavior of prospects that were targeted

–         if your marketing strategies are working as expected

–         what videos, pdfs and other links were launched and by which company

–         behavior of existing customers on your site

–         behavior of your competitors on your site

–         behavior of your business partners

–         macro trends in how people are finding your site

All of that for $59 per month.

“Visit Intel” is the biggest NO BRAINER for your company that you will ever come across.

If you close just ONE deal because of “Visit Intel”….you pay for the year and then some.

Try a full version with no obligation to move forward to see how awesome “Visit Intel” really is.


The “Visit Intel” Voice

A tale of two Site Alerts

Information = Power

Knowing as much information as possible about the people at companies who click on your website is the secret sauce for success.

“Visit Intel” comes with  (at no extra charge) a URL Shortening tool called “nfl8.us” ( pronounced enflate.us).  

It works just like other url shortening tools like bit.ly or goo.gl …only “nfl8.us” comes with “Visit Intel” tracking inherently built in to it.

When you use “nfl8.us” ….You enable the tracking   “Visit Intel” provides to be even more precise and powerful.

“nfl8.us” is great for ….

  • any landing pages like Press Releases , special promotions etc.
  • signature blocks –  if someone landed on your site page via clicking on your signature block
  • videos –  You can see if Videos were watched on your site
  • pdf’s –  You can see if people launched pdf’s on your site
  • more…

Why should nlf8.us be so important to you?

The following is a  Tale of Two “Visit Intel” Site Alerts for the Exact SAME destination  webpage

Let me explain a real world example to help you quickly understand the power of “nfl8.us”

Today…I received TWO Visit Intel Site Alerts from TWO  of my postings on Facebook from yesterday.

I posted on Facebook yesterday Twice and received TWO “Visit Intel” Site Alerts ….one from each posting.

For the first FB posting….I did NOT use nfl8.us for the link I provided.

The first “Visit Intel” Site Alert  I received was from someone who clicked on that  normal link that I pasted into the FB post.

I indeed got a “Visit Intel” Site Alert from that post as you will see directly below….

A picture named M2

Notice that all I can see from the “Visit Intel” Site Alert is that someone was on Facebook and clicked on my link.   The above “Visit Intel” Site Alert is not very actionable for me.

Because the link I posted had no tracking ….the above site alert looks like someone who works at Facebook clicked on my link.  

BUT ….Now take a look at the “Visit Intel ”  Site Alert below with that same exact  Destination Link as the first posting……. only this time I  created the new link using   ” nfl8.us”  URL shortening tool.

I  received a “Visit Intel” site alert from that second posting only now…I have much more information as you can see in the screenshot below…

A picture named M3

Because I used “nfl8.us”…the tracking information gathered by “Visit Intel” was much more helpful  for me in determining which company clicked  on my link they saw on Facebook.

Now I can see …

  • Which Company that person was from who clicked on the link
  • I can see the referrer site –  meaning I know that the person was on Facebook, saw my link and clicked on it
  • I can see the actual page that referred that person to my site as well.
  • Because I used “nfl8.us” to create an easily recognizable the destination link…I can see that the person clicked on that specific link that I had named ahead of time

Additionally…  I created another “nfl8.us” for the same destination link but this time  I made it specific for a LinkedIn posting.

Same destination URL but two unique  “nfl8.us” addresses…the one I had already created for the Facebook post and now an new  one specific for a  Linkedin post.

I wanted to understand where I get more clicks from Facebook or LinkedIn.

To my surprise …I received many more site visits from the Facebook posting then I did from  LinkedIn.

I would have thought  that it be the other way around.  I only know the answer because I used “nfl8.us” .